Questions are divided into three Categories:

Theogony, which includes questions for Primordial deities and their children, Titanes and Titanides, Olympian Gods, Goddesses and Deities, Chtonic deities, Mythic humanoids, and Greek legendary creatures.Heroes and Mortals, which includes questions on Heroes and their descendants, Kings, Amazons, Ancient Greek rulers and city-founders.Expeditions, which includes questions about all the expeditions: Trojan War, Argonautica, The hunting of Calidonian boar, Theban Cycle and Seven Against Thebes

Points System: Each category has 20 different questions. You have exactly 15 seconds to answer each question. With every wrong answer you loose 5 points while with every correct answer you earn 10 + time left, points. Keep in mind that you may always pass on a question you don’t know the answer.

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Have fun!!!



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