The much celebrated Greek Cuisine in all it's glory is brought to you by a team of unbiased, inquisitive foodies who strive to uncover the unknown treasures that one would not find alone.

You have not experienced Greece if you haven't got a satisfied belly and dancing taste buds! Let us amplify the meaning of 'philoxenia' (Greek word for hospitality) by making you feel like a local when entering an eatery. Souvlaki and Mousaka aren't the sole ambassadors of Greek food as you will discover with us!

In The streets of Athens, we have added a map with a highlighted route for you to walk meandering through historical Athens. On and around the route, we have jotted down all that is worthy of a visit food wise. You will find detailed information on

  • categories ( restaurant/ delicatessen/workshop)
  • how to get there
  • opening hours
  • specialities
  • short commentary

For those willing to go the extra mile, a little outside Athens, Athens suburbia offers an eclectic list of restaurants and delicatessens that will make the trip to them all the more worthwhile.

Areas of natural and historical interest are also highlighted on the map accompanied by descriptions.


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